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This page shows a few comments that I have received from students.

  • Brilliant week of learning new skills and coming away with a great chair.  Thank you for your patience and calmness!  -  Liz


  • Thank you very much for your help and for another great week. Hopefully doing it again next year.  -  Sally


  • What a fabulous experience and a wonderful chair too!  Your hands off approach allows me to blossom. Thank you sooo much!  -  Stevie


  • I've had a super week. Thank you so much for all your hard work.  -  Ali


  • Many thanks for your patience, enthusiasm, expertise, exceeding good humour but mainly for your help (especially fret-sawing that top slat for me!)  -  Gwen


  •  My second class, but still a first class and enjoyable event  -  John B


  • What a wonderful week - I have so enjoyed making this chair - thank you!  -  Ronnie


  • I just wanted to say thank-you so much for the chair-making course last week.  I had a really great week, and found the course inspirational.  I found it incredibly satisfying, if a little exhausting!  I appreciated all your help and expertise, whilst being given the freedom to do virtually all the work myself.  The days flew by, and the regular sustenance and lunches were greatly appreciated.  I have ended up with a chair I'm really proud of, especially having been able to influence a large part of the design, and am now wondering whether I need to make a second one to match .... or a set of six.... or a welsh stick-chair next.  -  Corinne


  • I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for your patience and friendship and to say how much I enjoyed the course last week.  My wife and others who have seen the chair are very impressed and I am so pleased with the chair.  You will be pleased to know that its home will not be the study, it will reside in my lounge to show all who visit!  When I have finished giving it sufficient coats of shellac, finishing oil and beeswax then I will, as promised, send you a couple of photos.  Thank you for a great week which I found really satisfying.  -  Tony


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